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Introducing Keystone Poly Furniture: Quality Outdoor Furniture for Lasting Comfort & Style

Keystone Poly Furniture is a wholesale outdoor furniture supplier offering long-lasting and durable products. Our poly lumber comes from Tangent Sustainable Lumber. The furniture is made from recycled plastics, making it sustainable outdoor furniture for your outdoor living areas from your patio, to the front porch with our gliders! You can check out Tangent Sustainable Lumber HERE! The possibilities are endless!  Keystone Poly Furniture is also easy to maintain and clean, making it a great option for those looking for low-maintenance furniture. We have a range of styles and colors for you to choose from! ​


We are passionate about providing quality outdoor furniture solutions at Keystone Poly Furniture. With a brother team based in Strasburg, Pa, we have been in business since 2020 and have a long history of working with poly products. We are dedicated to creating Amish-built outdoor furniture that is designed to last for years to come! Not only is it sustainable for all weather conditions, but it is also easy to clean whether it’s a light cleaning, deep cleaning, or removing stains!  Our products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, so you can be sure you’ll get the best possible product. We are proud to offer our customers quality outdoor furniture solutions that are built to last.


At this time, we are a wholesaler and we are looking for dealers that want to start selling poly furniture at retail pricing. If you're interested in being a dealer, fill out an application HERE and we'll be in touch soon! Or if you have questions give us a call at 717-875-2610.

Why Choose Poly Furniture?

Poly furniture is an excellent choice because of its stylish appearance and long-lasting durability. The furniture is made from recycled plastic and is highly resistant to weather, water, and sun damage. It is also easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for outdoor settings. The poly furniture is available in a variety of styles and colors, allowing you to find the perfect furniture piece for your outdoor space. Additionally, the poly furniture is low-maintenance and cost-effective, allowing you to create a beautiful outdoor area without spending a fortune.


Here at Keystone Poly Furniture, we recognize the special qualities of poly outdoor furniture which make it an extraordinary choice for our handcrafted excellence. Not only does HDPE plastic-based poly lumber not experience rot, rust, splinters, or wear; but its modern construction from recycled milk jugs and shampoo containers gives this material remarkable longevity with a weight comparable to that of real wood yet highly resistant properties suitable for enduring any climate conditions - making it perfectly suited to crafting beautiful patio sets you can be proud of in your own backyard!

Polywood furniture is an ideal choice for outdoor seating, with its remarkable resilience to extreme conditions. From scorching summer sunshine and winter snowfall, to the salty sea breeze and harsh chemical cleaning products - this material can handle it all! With no need for staining or waterproofing after each season passes, you can be sure that your furnishings will remain reliable through many years of use without fail.

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Environmentally Friendly Poly Lumber Patio Furniture

Enhance Your Outdoor Space Today! 

If you've been looking for the perfect outdoor furniture solution, then look no further! Our revolutionary poly lumber is not only sustainably sourced in America from recycled HDPE plastics but also provides a low-maintenance option that looks beautiful and lasts longer than traditional wooden or plastic alternatives. There are many different color choices to choose from! Don't want everything to be the same color scheme, no problem! We have you covered and can make your vision come to life!


Convenience has never looked so good. Enjoy stress-free entertaining with friends, and family picnics with plenty of seating space - all thanks to our innovative fabrications today!

We offer an impressive selection of options in our range of Polywood furniture, which is sure to complement any type of decor. From chairs and tables to loungers and gliders, we have everything you need for your outdoor space.

At Keystone Poly, we go above and beyond to ensure that our customers are satisfied. Offering top-notch poly lumber furniture completely customizable in both color scheme and size is only the beginning of what makes us unique in this field; with meticulous inspection ensuring every detail meets expectations, you can rest assured knowing your purchase will have been lovingly crafted just for you.

If you desire an outdoor setting that is aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious, look no further than Keystone Poly Furniture. Our poly lumber furniture offers customizable options to create the perfect atmosphere for any home garden or even commercial space.

How To Clean Poly Furniture

Poly lumber furniture has become increasingly popular due to its aesthetic appeal and durability, making it a popular choice for outdoor spaces. However, as with any furniture, it can become dirty over time and require cleaning. You can find the directions in the image to the left to clean your poly furniture, give it a deep clean, or if you have stains. This cleaning process can be done on a regular basis to maintain the condition and appearance of poly lumber furniture for years to come.

Interested In Becoming A Keystone Poly Furniture Dealer?

Are you looking to become a dealer for a poly furniture wholesaler? We are looking for experienced dealers who are passionate about providing top-quality poly furniture products. Our dealers have access to our wide selection of poly furniture products at competitive wholesale prices, ensuring their customers always get the best value. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and support to our dealers, so they can have the best possible experience. If this opportunity interests you, please contact us today to learn more about becoming a dealer for our poly furniture wholesaler.

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